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Representative Greetings

We, the editors had been involved in the publication of computer technology magazine is independent, it was founded in 1998. The field from the paper to the Internet has changed, but we continue our of now the information publishing business for the computer technician.

Also On the other hand, we started the application / service development of rapidly popular smartphones from 2010.

Publishing business, which reached a major turning point is, fused with digital technology, it should evolve into a new era of service. And know-how of content production, as few elite company with both the software development technology, we would like to open up the possibility of a new net era.

OGAWA Yoshihisa
President and CEO
Digital Advantage Corp.

[Bio] Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Department of Materials and Systems Engineering Degree. 1986 Casio Computer Co., Ltd. joined the development of a BASIC interpreter for the office computer, carry out the maintenance of the C compiler. 1989 ASCII Corporation and Publication Administration first book editing unit joined, through a book editor, participated in the first issue of the monthly super ASCII. 1994 Monthly super ASCII desk in 1995 the deputy editor, appointed in 1997, the editor-in-chief. Retired ASCII Corporation the opportunity the defunct 1998 Monthly super ASCII, he founded the digital advantage.

Company Name Digital Advantage Corp.
  • Publications and services on the Internet
  • Development smartphone applications
  • Providing Web services for corporate
  • Data sales for chained stores information
Board member
  • OGAWA Yoshihisa (President and CEO)
  • UCHIKOSHI Hiroyuki
  • ENDO Takanobu
  • KOBAYASHI Akihiko
  • SHIMADA Hiromichi
Establishment Date
October 16, 1998
Paid-in Capital
10 million yen
  • Resona Bank
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Main Client
  • ITmedia Inc.
  • 日本マイクロソフト
  • 三井不動産リアルティ株式会社
  • HRソリューションズ株式会社
  • DAISO Japan
  • Xchange inc.
  • Impress Corporation
  • SHOEISHA Co.,Ltd.
  • 株式会社 技術評論社
Address 168-0074
Luri-Terrace Takaido 2F, 3-2-23 Kamitakaido
Tokyo, Japan
Mail info@d-advantage.jp (recommend)
TEL 03-3304-5390 (auto answer)
FAX 03-5357-2191


map arround the office of Digital Advantage

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Access by train

It is about 10 minutes walk from Keio Shinjuku Line Hachimanyama Station. The Hachimanyama Station, only local train and rapid will stop. Express, semi-express, express, commuter express is because it does not stop, please transfer your to local train at Meidaimae Station or Sakurajosui Station.

Beside the tower along the high-speed, the second floor of a beige apartment is our. Please rise us on the second floor from the building the right side of the spiral staircase.

Access by car

If travelers from Koshu Kaido downtown district

When the little advance beyond the underpass of the annular Route 7, because there is a three-dimensional branching "Ogikubo" and direction "Hachioji" direction in front leaving the line 8 ring, go to "Ogikubo" direction. Proceeding along the high speed down the three-dimensional, sign saying "I do not put it in this earlier than Chuo Expressway" is taking under the high speed. The left side is our building.

From Route 8 annular coming

From Route 8 ring toward the Metropolitan Expressway Takaido entrance direction to proceed, without entering the capital high speed, further proceed the most left-hand side of the side road to not ride in a three-dimensional cross. After a while advancing a U-turn at the first signal which is under the overpass there is a sign saying "I do not put it in this earlier than Chuo Expressway". The left side is our company.

Contact us

Contact us! お問い合わせ

To contact us is, why it is e-mail than the telephone. Contact us by e-mail thank you to the following address.